Let's start something.

Venture Hacks is an ongoing series of hackathons sponsored by the Stevens Venture Center. The Venture Center aims to redefine entrepreneurial education and support rising student entrepreneurs. This is our second edition and is focused solely on the youngest members of the Stevens community. We aim to empower smart, passionate and motivated people. We provide a space to not only build something awesome but to collaborate and work through problems with amazing people. Join the revolution in hackathons. 

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$225 in prizes

Starter Up

Designed Matters

Tech Tech Tech

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


All Freshman of Stevens Institute of Technology. 


Any website / web app. Do not necessarily need to use technologies presented in the sessions. 

For submitting, upload a zipped folder containing everything you've done this weekend. 

- All code

- All images and other assets

- Your presentation!

How to enter

Applications have unfortunately closed. If you're in, you know who you are.


Kevin Barresi

Kevin Barresi
CTO of Fintech Studios

Khurram Nasir Gore

Khurram Nasir Gore
Product and New Business Innovation Counsel at Verizon

Mukund Iyengar

Mukund Iyengar
Professor & Entrepreneur in Residence at Stevens Institute of Technology

Charlie Lee

Charlie Lee
Founder & CEO of Bizzshout!

Michael Di Stefano

Michael Di Stefano
Founding Partner of InSight Software Systems

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity and Design
    We're looking for ambitious, professional, and functional designs that just work.
  • Technical Proficiency
    While the theme is entrepreneurship, the medium is through tech. We're looking for great technology used uniquely.
  • Entrepreneurship and Scalability
    Here we are. This is what matters. How viable is your project? Where's the pain?